What people say

Back in 2004, I was honoured to receive the top accolade from the Marketing Society, the Marketer of the Year, for my work at Cafedirect.

A few years on, testimonials from customers happy with my services are the best awards!

From international leadership consultant to travel firm owner, from holistic therapies expert to professional photographer and interior designer, they've all been a pleasure to serve and work with.


Having access to Sylvie's branding expertise is like having a 'marketing arm' of the business for the self-employed and small business owners, like myself, who lack in-house expertise. Sylvie’s support and challenge in helping me to define the Vision, Mission and Values that drive my own business is invaluable in targeting future brand marketing campaigns. I'm very happy to recommend Sylvie.

Sandra Keys, Founder, Caretta Associates

There are numerous business books and consultants available to help a small business owner develop a branding or marketing strategy. 

But Sylvie’s service was rather special and far more meaningful to me. Working in a friendly and relaxed manner, Sylvie asked pertinent probing questions to understand why I started my business and what I hope to achieve. 

As we spoke about my beliefs and values, she explained how these are the essence of my business. She gave me the confidence to be open and honest. 

And she helped me articulate those thoughts in concise and straightforward messages that I am happy to share with business partners and clients.

John Coles, Managing Director, Kew Bridge Travel

Portrait of Victoria Cooper, Moksha Therapies

Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to meet someone wonderful who comes along just at the moment you need them the most. You don’t always realise it at the time but they make such an impact in your life that your view on things change forever.

Sylvie Barr is one of those amazing people!

Sylvie has patiently encouraged me to tap back into my creative side and despite all my mental blocks, has helped me to see a path forward. Rebranding my business, designing my new website and marketing had become a bit of a gremlin for me and I have in the past avoided it at all costs.

But with Sylvie’s help we have created something I am truly proud of…

I am so grateful :) !

Victoria Cooper, Founder, Moksha Therapies

The branding framework collaboratively developed with Sylvie is a very useful exercise to explore what drives, motivates and underpins why I’m doing what I’m doing. And then articulates this, using appropriate words that resonate with what I’ve set out to achieve and the people I work with.
Sylvie has a personable, friendly approach that easily tunes into who I am as a person, to elicit my values, purpose and vision, to form the framework.

I look forward to using it to guide my next branded materials.

Denise Quinlan, Founder, Insightful Images

Sylvie carried out some research work for us in late 2017.

Sylvie immediately understood our market and not only met the brief on the research, but also came up with other opportunities we had not thought of.

Jacqui Smith, Co-founder, HomeSmiths

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